Why does my dog eat cat poop?

At times, the question might appear in your mind why do pooches eat cat poop. It is definitely one of the weirdest things performed by your canine, and it is a kind of behavior that is exhibited by almost every dog at some point in their lives.

Being a responsible dog owner, you might find it quite frustrating and disgusting to see your beloved pet behaving in this manner. However, it might be possible for you to comprehend why it happens once you’re able to understand the possible reasons for this kind of behavior.

Is it normal for canines to consume cat poop?

Yes, it is normal for canines to exhibit this kind of behavior at any particular stage of their lives. The scientific name of this type of behavior happens to be coprophagia.

It is a fact that the majority of the pooches on the planet have tasted cat poop at any particular point in time. In case you’re of the notion that your pet refrains from this kind of behavior, then it might be the fact that you have not been able to catch him doing that. Even though we might find the act of eating poop to be quite hideous, our canine might not feel so.

The mother dog used to lick the pups clean while they were young, and she ended up consuming fecal matter while doing so. In this way, it can be rightly asserted that the poop-eating behavior of the dogs is perfectly normal and acceptable.

For what reason do dogs eat cat poop?

Below, we have mentioned some typical reasons that are responsible for the pooches to behave in this manner. However, the good thing is that most of these are innocuous in the long run that will not cause any harm to the health of the canine.

So let us not waste much time and look at the reasons right here.

Here are the top 5 reasons for dogs to eat cat poop

  • Exploratory behaviour
  • Taste
  • Nutrition deficiency
  • Habit
  • Boredom
  1. Exploratory behavior

No one can deny the fact that pooches happen to be inquisitive in nature. They would always want to have something which they perhaps should not. However, unlike the other dogs, puppies are not so much experts at exploring everything with their mouths, and because of this, they end up chewing everything. They are almost similar to human toddlers who are also in the habit of sticking everything in their mouths that comes their way.

Nevertheless, the good thing is that some pooches might consume cat poops only once in their life, and never touch them again. This type of behavior does not have many adverse effects in the long run. There are parasites within the systems of the felines which can infect the pooches as well. Nonetheless, if the dog is eating the poop of your pet feline, it is highly possible that the pooch has already been infected with the same parasites. There is no need to take many steps for preventing this kind of behavior since it will happen only a few times and not forever

2 Taste

One more reason for dogs to exhibit the behavior of eating cat poop might be that they like the taste more than anything else. As a matter of fact, cats usually enjoy a diet that is full of more nutrients, protein, and fat. It is quite natural for these artificial flavors present in the food items of the cats to be transferred to their fecal matter. For this reason, cat poop might be quite tasty for the dogs in the long run just like cat food.

3 Deficiencies in nutrition

Although the felines are experts in digesting the nutrients present in their food items, they are not able to digest the fat and protein along with some minerals and vitamins. At times, canines are on the lookout for nutrients since they might be suffering from nutritional deficiencies. This can be achieved by consuming cat poop in the long run.

On some occasions, the food items provided to the dogs might not be of high quality and they might be deprived of essential nutrients as well. It might also not be possible for your canine to absorb the proper nutrients from their diet. Otherwise, they might be suffering from some conditions which are prompting them to search for a particular nutrient. In this condition, it will be a sensible idea to take the help of a vet who will be able to guide you properly.

4 Habit

Although a canine will not start consuming the poop of the cat because of his habit, in case he starts doing that for some other reason it might turn out to be a habit in the long run. You’ll find it quite difficult to prevent your pet from exhibiting this behavior once he has started to exhibit this habit. You might try to modify their diet or provide them with a different type of amusement during the day, but it will be of no use.

5 Boredom

We all suffer from boredom at some point of time during the day, and pooches are no exception to that. It will be imperative for them to remain entertained so as to avoid getting bored. Once they become bored they might start exhibiting some unusual behaviors as well. They might indulge in doing something such as eating the cat poop which you will not like them to do. Perhaps, he is searching for amusement by entering the litter box.

In such cases, make sure to provide him with some toys and treats and also train him daily so that he does not feel bored at all.

How to prevent your beloved pet from eating cat poop?

It is a fact that the fecal matter of a cat happens to be stinky and dirty, and if you find your pet licking you after eating the poop you will not feel great in the long run. Nevertheless, the good thing is that it will be possible for you to prevent your canine from eating cat poop once and for all.

The first step that can be taken by you will be to place the litter box in a particular location that your pet will not be able to access. A baby gate might prove to be useful to you in this case. Otherwise, make sure to find out a room where your dog will not be allowed at all, and only your feline will be able to access it.

A baby gate will be functional when it comes to keeping your pooch in only their part of their home. However, your feline will be able to get over them since she has the ability to jump. Try to find a baby gate that is reasonably priced and which is of the appropriate height for you. This will provide your feline with a place of their own while also making sure that their poop will not be consumed by your pooch.

In case both these methods mentioned above don’t work for you, then it will be prudent to get hold of a litter box featuring a closed top. These types of litter boxes happen to be “dog-proof” which implies that it will be quite difficult for your canine to gain access to the poop. Or else, you may also apply a “drop it” command whenever your pet is going to eat the poop. This command will ensure that they do not end up digesting the fecal material.

Apart from this, you may also take one more preventative measure that we have explained right here. After observing that your feline has gone to the toilet in the litter box, your job would be to simply take out the poop, and that’s all! There will be no issues in case it is not possible for your pooch to eat anything from the litter box. However, you need to invest some time in monitoring your feline and you also need to clean it up regularly.

Nevertheless, there might be some occasions when it will not be possible for you to control your adorable pet. For example, when you have gone to your workplace or the nearby park for a stroll.

At that time, if any neighboring cat is defecating in your backyard, then you would find it quite difficult to prevent your dog from eating the poop. In this case, it will be advisable for you to consult your vet for a checkup. This will help you to become sure that your furry friend has not been infected by any parasites after consuming the poop.