Why do dogs lick each others ears?

Even though dogs might be considered to be adorable creatures, they do exhibit certain types of strange behaviors whose reasons we fail to understand. These are the possible reasons why dogs lick other dogs ears.

For instance, you might observe your pet performing the identical thing over and over again. In spite of being loyal and caring, pooches can be quite silly as well. On some occasions, you might find them chewing the toys of their owners’ kids or even licking the ears of humans. Although it might be quite puzzling for the owners, they need not be since it will not be tough to understand the cause.

It is known to every owner that their pet will lick them once they offer a treat to them. But, do they have any idea why their pets behave in this manner? Have you ever thought about why pooches are in the habit of licking one another’s ears?

The reply to the above question is full of mystery. Although we do not have any doubt that canines like licking the ears of their buddies, we are yet of conflicting opinions regarding the reasons for doing so. Below, we have mentioned some authentic reasons why dogs lick the ears of other pooches.

It is much better than letting your pet sniff butt

There is no doubt that dogs lick the ears of other canines. One reason for doing so will be to make themselves introduced. By licking ears, it will be possible for the pooches to depict their friendliness to other dogs. Pooches are friendly in nature by birth, and licking ears will be a surefire way of depicting that.

It might be a part of their grooming routine

We often use the term “lick” with the term “chew” interchangeably when it comes to canines. But, what is the actual implication of licking? It is a fact that canines don’t lick the ears of others for getting what they want or out of affection.

They want to clean the ears above everything else. It happens to be an essential part of dog etiquette. After all, it isn’t a bad thing for them to clean their ears. They do this for getting rid of food particles, dirt, as well as other undesirable substances that might be detrimental to them.

It is a fact that while some pooches enjoy getting groomed, others do not. Nevertheless, the ears of some dogs are very sensitive and they prefer being groomed in the long run.

Provides a soothing effect

It might seem to you that the act of licking the ears of other pooches is quite innocuous and harmless, and it is actually the truth. Dogs are in the habit of licking the ears of other dogs not only for fun, but to calm them down as well. It appears that some dogs like to provide relief to other pooches from stress and anxiety.

Dogs are able to smell infection

Once we find that dogs are sniffing the ears of others, it might appear to us that they are trying to check them out. But, it might not be known to us that it is not the real fact. Similar to humans who might perform a sort of touch test for finding out whether they are infected or not, the same might be applicable to the dogs as well.

In case a pooch is making an effort to sniff the ears of other dogs and then lick them, it might be due to the fact that they want to separate the smell of infection. According to a recent study, it will be feasible for pooches to get the smell of certain infections in the ears of other dogs by means of their breath, and this is perfectly sensible because of the position of the noses of pooches is below their ears. While sniffing the ears of one another, they might try to smell any infection and are making an effort to clean it.

They want to show respect and be submissive

The behaviors that you observe in the pooches are not mysterious by any means. They do this due to various reasons, and at times it is done by them for maintaining their social status. It is a fact that pooches that are high on the social ladder are more likely to make other dogs lick their ears that are lower on the social ladder.

Licking the ears of other dogs might result in infections

Humans often find the act of licking to be cute since this type of behavior is quite common in canines. This behavior is something that is inherent in the pets and they take it as something that is playful and enjoyable. It is a natural instinct of the pooches, and it happens to be a sign of security and affection.

Nevertheless, some of these canines are in the habit of performing this behavior only a few times on a daily basis. Even though it might appear to be harmless, it comes with a number of health risks as well.

For example, licking the ears of other dogs might result in infections in the ear, and even death at times. It will be a good idea to clean the ears of pooches once every 10 days for preventing infection. Licking might also lead to septicemia in the long run.

Dogs prefer the taste of ear wax

It is a fact that almost every pooch comes with ear wax, and because of this reason, many of them end up licking their ear canals. Although it might not be known to many dog owners, dogs have an affinity for ear wax as well.

Many people think that dogs are fond of the smell and taste of ear wax. Nevertheless, it is more due to the fact that ear wax is going to stick to the tongues of the canines and they might seem to consume it in the long run.

The behaviors of the pooches can be quite varied in nature. Sometimes they might appear to be quite friendly and docile in their attitude, and at times they might be exactly the opposite. Nevertheless, licking the ears of other dogs happens to be part of their nature. In spite of being a common trait, it might vary in frequency as well as form.

Is it feasible to stop the pooches from exhibiting this type of behavior?

At times, some dog owners need to deal with the behavior of the dogs related to licking the ears of other dogs. It might prove to be quite harmful and irritating irrespective of whether it happens to be a sign of supremacy or simply a habit.

This sort of behavior is usually exhibited by certain breeds such as retrievers and Labradors, but other breeds likewise show this behavior. For this reason, it can be quite tough to prevent your pet from licking the ears of other dogs or even biting them. However, certain steps can be taken by you that we have mentioned below.

  • Provide the dogs with something to lick. This might help them to stop licking the ears of other pooches. You will come across certain products on the market that will help to get the job done effectively. The idea will be to make them lick the products instead. For this reason, silicone lick pads are used by certain dog owners at present.
  • Distract the pets from performing the act of licking. We are all aware of the fact that licking ears will not be a good idea after all. But what can be done if you see your pet doing so? Even though one surefire way to stop this type of behavior will be to indulge the instinct of a canine, it might not last eventually. In that case, you will get better results by diverting the attention of your pets. For instance, you can provide him with a stuffed toy for getting better outcomes.

The mouths of the canines are packed with bacteria, and they are lapping up constantly what they are consuming. Because of this, pooches usually lick the ears of other dogs despite being painful and distressful. Make sure to take the required steps for preventing this behavior.

Is the behavior of licking excessively good or bad?

Dogs are in the habit of licking one another’s ears for various reasons. Amongst them, the most typical ones happen to be boredom, stress, ear cleaning, grooming, and so forth.

Some people are also of the notion that excessive licking of the pooches is because of finding a way to communicate their anxiety or displeasure. Even though this sort of behavior might be somewhat cute when it comes to canines, too much of it will not be desirable whatsoever.

You will be capable of solving this problem by comprehending the possible reasons as well as causes for this behavior. Make it a point to take the guidance of a competent vet in your area for getting better results.