Why does my dog lick the couch?

Once you find that your pet is licking the couch it might appear to be a normal behavior more than anything else. This is because dogs are in the habit of licking stuff. Since they are devoid of any hands, their only way to interact will be through their mouth. However, it can turn out to be a real issue in case the pooch starts licking the couch excessively.

But what is the reason for this type of behavior? Is it normal or is there an underlying cause that you should be aware of? As a matter of fact, your pet might lick couches for a number of reasons. In this blog, we have discussed some of these reasons and also how to stop this type of behavior once and for all.

Top 6 possible reasons why your dog licks sofa

1. He likes the taste

On some occasions, you might be sitting on the couch while watching your favorite program on the TV. You might likewise tend to eat while relaxing in this manner, and there might be leftover bits and splashes of sauce lying on the furniture in the long run. Dogs are going to sniff these things and eat them as well. For this, they are going to use their tongue for licking the furniture.

One more thing that you should bear in mind is that canines love the smell and taste of their owner’s body. In case you have sat on the couch for a long time, there is every possibility for your smell to be transferred to the sofa which might be enticing the doggies in the long run.

2. He might be suffering from a health condition

It is a fact that dogs don’t have the ability to inform you verbally that something is wrong with them. Licking the sofa might imply that they are trying to inform you that they are suffering from some problems. They might try to convey to you that they are having some discomfort, feeling sick, or any other issue related to their health.

If you find that the licking behavior of your beloved pet has crossed the limit and has become quite excessive, then make sure to pay a visit to the vet. Excessive licking might indicate various things such as ailments in the pituitary glands, tooth pain, anxiety, and so forth. In fact, compulsive behaviors due to anxiety issues might consist of symptoms such as tail chasing, spinning, sucking, biting, and chewing.

3. Monotony

Dogs sometimes resort to licking couches for interacting with stuff and also sense them that exist in the external world. It will be natural for your pooch to exhibit these type types of unwanted behaviors in case they are not able to get rid of excess energy by performing exercises on a regular basis.

In such cases, the animal might become stressed and anxious because of the pent-up energy within them. They will make an attempt to release this energy in some unusual ways such as licking the home furniture obsessively. This might be enough to prove that you are not providing your pet with adequate workouts during the day.

Doggies might also try to capture the attention of their masters by licking couches and other house furniture. They can perform this once they feel that they are being left out or when they are not comfy with the surroundings. However, your pup will be able to get rid of the excess energy by performing lots of physical activities.

4. He has developed a bad habit

Your pooch might likewise start licking the couch because of the development of a bad habit over time. Nevertheless, this reason might not be an actual cause to point to, unlike the other reasons mentioned in this list. It is similar to any bad habits formed by human beings in the course of time. However, the good thing is that you need not be worried about the health of your pet in this case. The bad thing is that you need to untrain this type of attitude if you like your pet to stop licking the couch.

5. He finds the texture to be irresistible

Although it might be that your pup is licking the couch because of its taste, it might not be the case at all times. Instead, they might find the texture of the couch to be so interesting that they simply cannot resist licking it. In that case, you might need to cover your sofa with a cover for getting the best results.

6. The smell is like that of yours

It is a fact that pooches love the company of their owners and other human beings. The canines want to be close to their human counterparts at all times. Moreover, doggies have the ability to hone in on scents, unlike humans. For instance, your couch might smell just like you since you are in the habit of sitting there for long periods of time.

Even though you might not be providing any thoughts about your smell on the couch, your adorable pet does. Once it wants to be close to you, it might want to lick the area where you sit for getting a taste of you that might be enough to provide him with relaxation and comfort.

How to stop your canine from licking the sofa?


As mentioned in this blog, your pet might be licking the couch for various reasons. Being a responsible owner, it is your duty to help your pet get rid of this uncanny behavior and you need to take some steps toward this. Your first step will be to identify the causes that are prompting the pup to exhibit this behavior. Below, we have mentioned some methods that will help you to get the job done.

1.  Positive reinforcement

It will be possible to achieve positive reinforcement training by providing your pooch with treats for any good thing done by him instead of punishing him for doing any bad stuff. You can make use of a clicker and treats to help the doggies learn that they will not be rewarded for bad behavior. They will also come to know that you will reward them for performing good things.

You can use this for various issues such as barking, chasing, stealing food items, picking things up, as well as licking the couch. They will be capable of getting rid of their bad behaviors in this manner over time.

2. Bitter spray

It will be feasible to prevent your pet from licking the couch by using a bitter spray. This happens to be a type of training aid that tastes bitter. This should be enough to discourage your pup from licking the couch. And the good thing is that these sprays are 100% harmless and safe.

3. Physical workouts

Just like mental stimulation, it will also be important for the pooches to get plenty of physical workouts. Make it a point to take your beloved canine for a stroll at the nearby park or you can also engage him in outdoor games regularly. In this way, your pooch will be able to release the excess energy which he had been spending by licking your couch!

Outdoor games have the ability to provide your doggie with lots of enjoyment and relaxation, and they will be able to get rid of depression, stress, and anxiety. On the other hand, spending some good time with your pooch will help to strengthen the relationship between both of you.

4. Take the help of the vet

Since your pet will not be able to inform you directly that he is suffering from some sort of health condition, you will not be able to know if there is any issue beneath the surface. The only way dogs can let you know about their discomfort will be through actions that can be hard to read.

In case your pet is licking the couch excessively, and you are unable to understand why he is doing so, then it will be sensible to take professional assistance. Your vet will be the ideal person to provide you with expert opinions regarding your pooch’s behavior as well as the underlying cause behind it. He can also prescribe treatment for your dog that will be beneficial for his health.

Final thoughts

In case your pup is licking the couch from time to time, then there is no need to be concerned about it. It might be the fact that he has found some tasty food over there. But, if he is licking the furniture quite often, then don’t hesitate to go for a vet checkup. This is because you need to rule out any medical condition that might be causing this sort of unwanted behavior.